Pryor Marking Machines

  • Marktronic PortaDot 50-25E


    • • Portable and fully programmable
    • • Cost effective
    • • Light weight and easily moved around
    • • Ergonomic design
    • • Electromagnetic (no air supply required)
    • • Marking window: 50-25mm
  • Marktronic BenchDot Range


    • • Runs on standard mains current (no air supply required)
    • • High consistency of marking depth
    • • Fully controlled number of dots per character and dot location
    • • Digital Z axis with AutoSense system self adjustment
    • • Mark different part levels with no manual adjustment
    • • Marking window: 60-60mm 100-100mm 150-150mm 300-150mm
  • Marktronic Integrator Range


    • • Fully programmable dot and scribe marking
    • • Integrated into any existing industrial/commercial application
    • • Operated in high functionality embedded software or PC Windows
    • • Can be controlled using 24V digital input/output port, RS232 serial port
         or TCP/IP Ethernet port
    • • Marking windows for InDot: 50-25mm 60-60mm 150-150mm 130-40mm
    • • Marking windows for InScribe: 60-60mm 150-150mm 140-40mm
  • Laser Marking Range


    • • Advanced pulsed fibre laser marking
    • • Average power up to 50W, pulse rate 1000KHz and peak power 15000W
    • • Compact and easy to integrate
    • • Maintenance free, no consumables
    • • Exceptional diode life
    • • Excellent permanent mark on wide range of materials

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