Nissin Machines

  • Vertical Machining Center MAX-410i, MAX-710i


    • • 5 axis control machining center.
    • • DD (Initialism of Direct Drive) servo motor is adopted for A and C axes each,
    •    which enables high speed,high precision indexing and heavy-duty cutting.
    • • Roller guides are adopted as all the slide ways of X, Y and Z axes.
  • CNC Lathe NST-30 & 40


    • • Consists of 4 control axis.
    • • Upper turret is mounted on the 70° slant portion of the bed and lower turret
    •    on 90° slant portion of the bed, facilitating operation and chips removal
    •    to the fullest extent.
    • • All the guide way plates of the bed and the cross-slides of the upper and lower
    •    turrets are rectangular in section, and made of quenched and tempered dice steel,
    •    and outclass others in their rigidity and durability.
  • CNC Horizontal Boring & Milling Machines


    • • The pendant type operation panel whose arm is extensible and has a pivot,
    •    which can be rotated around its vertical center axis.
    •    It is very convenient for manual set up and bite setting.
    • • The large 10.4” colour CRT enables you to easily check and edit programs
    • • Equipped with perfectly evident self-diagnostic function.
  • Grinder VGX6


    • • There are already machines of which quills can be automatically changed,
    •    but this machine can automatically change its extension
    •    extension spindle for the first time in the world.
    • • This machine can grind the same inner cylindrical surface first very efficiently with
    •    a rough-grinding wheel, and then very precisely with a finish grinding wheel,
    •    which was formerly difficult, and which is overall more efficient than
    •    the grinding machine attached with cutting equipment.

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